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Birthdate:Jul 30
[character name]: Rain
[series]: Original Character
[e-mail]: Maisfeeka at

For anyone interested in some of the street child myths I based part of Rain's background on, check out this article.

Any constructive criticism can go here.

Info on Rain...

She's 22.

Her birthday is February 22, 1984.

Abilities: Rain has some ability to see the outcome of events and a limited ability to hear people's thoughts. For example, she will often absently answer questions before they're asked, thinking the person spoke out loud. She can not go into someone's mind and pull out information and secrets, but she is often able to hear what they are thinking about or feeling in the moment, particularly if the thoughts or emotions are particularly strong or loud. She is also able to look at a situation and somehow 'know' how it can turn out. When she was living largely on the streets as a child she would know when a shopkeeper was about to turn their back or leave something unintended that she and the other children could take.

She has spent a great deal of her time learning about myths and beliefs from anyone who would sit with her long enough to tell her stories and carries journals of her notes about them around with her. Her reality testing isn't always the best, so she's not always entirely sure what is myth and what is reality. She relates very strongly to many of the Native American ideas - particularly those of the Lakota.

Somewhere along the way she learned how to do origami and will often create very intricate creatures and give them to people. They're often related to whatever animal she believes they are most like.

Flaws/weaknesses: Rain suffered severe emotional trauma when she was a very young child and never received any help or assistance in dealing with the horror she experienced. She is, quite frankly, not entirely sane and she knows it. Or rather she knows that there is something 'broken' about her mind and she doesn't know how to fix it. She has a very childlike innocence about her.

She's not always entirely certain whether some of the myths and stories she has read about are true or only legends and sometimes behaves as if it's possible that she might meet the Trickster, The Blue Lady, Grandmother Spider or any of the others she's learned about, right around the next corner. Sometimes she even talks about them as if they are friends she knows and talks with regularly. Other times she's quite aware of what is real and what is not.

Personality: In many ways, Rain's personality is rather childlike. She is kind, generous, and open. She is incredibly curious about everything. She is a generally content person and tries hard to make the best of what she has.

She can be shockingly blunt at times, a combination of being partially stuck back with the social skills of the four year old she was before she was damaged, the time she spent living on the streets, and dealing with a drunken and verbally abusive father. While she has good manners and is generally polite, she can at times behave with both the innocence and lack of social awareness that a very young child has. She often has no filter between what she thinks and what she says - unless she is scared or trying very hard.

She can be very introspective as it is important to her that she try and understand how her mind works - or doesn't work in many cases. And because she knows she's different, she's not easily bothered by what other people say about her. She is who she is and she accepts that. Being told she is crazy or a freak doesn't really phase her unless someone becomes cruel about it. That said, there are times when she can become very sad or pensive about how different and damaged she is. She can also become edgy and upset if kept somewhere she doesn't want to be.

She's very protective of people she sees as younger, littler, or weaker, than she is and won't tolerate others picking on them.

Physical description: [pictures are strongly encouraged & welcome] Rain is about 5'3 and rather slight of build. She has long black hair and dark eyes and looks actually a great deal like this.
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