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Arthur and Rain

They said she had to go away and leave the City - no matter what. She had to leave the Library and her greenhouse and her little house built into the hill and all the places and things and people that had made her feel safe and special here.

Where would she go?

Rain had gotten a second backpack to put the rest of her special things in - the bird Tony had made for her and pictures of her house and some of the people she had known and seeds from as many of the plants as she could get - including the special rainbow one she'd gotten for helping out the City. And her books. The Library had given her two special ones - she knew they were for her to keep because her name had appeared in them in this very fancy writing with a Thank You and a fancy L for a signature.

She cried a little when she found the books there on her last day and had cried more when she had to say good bye to her greenhouse and even more when she had to leave her little house for the last time.

And now here she was, peeking through all the doors and hoping she'd find someplace that looked like she'd be happy or at least safe. But she didn't know how to tell. How could a peek through a door tell her what the people would be like or if she'd ever find a place to belong?

But still she had to go and time was running out, so she'd keep peeking and hope that something would happen to tell her which one to pick.
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He had been living his quiet days, saving the kingdom, being a general pest to Merlin, and fulfilling his duties as the crowned prince of Camelot, but somewhere, in the back of his mind, he'd felt like he'd forgotten something.

Several things, if he was being truthful but Arthur so very rarely is when it comes to things that are of import to only himself and not the kingdom at large.

But, such feelings ebbed and faded and overtime, he had forgotten that there were even things to have been forgotten. Today, he was busy as he was won't to be, in this moment, he was sitting in his study, lips pursed and brow furrowed over some treatise or another. When he heard the door open, he sighed.

"Now what do you want?" He was exasperated and he didn't even spare a glance towards the door, assuming it was Merlin with another glass of wine or his lunch or... He squinted, maybe it was supper time already? He shook his head, widening his eyes and then sighing yet again before he set down his paper and turned to look up.

He froze and unbidden to his lips, a memory stirred.


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He could barely hear her because he was staring, drinking in the sight of a girl whom he had somehow forgotten, be it by magic, trick or foul play. He couldn't believe it; nay, he refused! But he could not fault the sight of the girl staring back at him, half afraid and yet so courageous despite it. Her bravery was a beacon and he was a ship thirsty for the sight of land.

He could feel the memories bursting into the forefront of his mind, the endless days, those wretched curses. He was in shock and his jaw dropped, unable to form words because there were too many things he wished to say all at once.

Sorry for leaving you.

Sorry for breaking his promises.

Sorry for making Rain care.

But he held is tongue because it was suddenly heavy and cumbersome and so he swallowed, turning suddenly red as he stood up, tripping over his own chair as he pushed it back.

"Uh, yes. It is I, Arthur!"

... but he didn't know if he should rush towards her and scoop her up or have his head examined. This whole thing, that whole city had been a mess from day one. And gosh, yes, he remembered the lamppost. If he could do it all over again, he would have forgotten it completely and given every mark he had to Rain's shy smile.

Arthur, it was well known, was nothing but a fool.
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His tongue twisted as he tried to speak and his heart got all jumbled up listening to her voice instead.

"I... Of course I'm real. I'm not exactly dead you know."

He huffed with indignation because if he was real, then she obviously had to be as well since he stated it must be so. It was that or question her himself and he couldn't bring himself to try. Instead, he pushed back his chair and strode around the table, only muttering to himself once when he stubbed his toe on the corner and then speaking louder as he tried to surreptitiously massage his foot into feeling life once more.

"What do you mean they're making you go away? They can't mean to send you home."

That was suicide from the few things Rain had told him. Insane and a death omen. She deserved so much more.
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He listened but he was distracted by the shape of her mouth, the tilt of her head, the way she gestured at nothin gand...

He brought his mind back to the subject at hand and he stood a little straighter. "Well, where would you like to go?" Because it's not like he's hoping or anything. "Although, if they've given you the choice, perhaps they've finally gotten their act straight and are giving you the option of sticking with your friends."

Because it'd break his heart to find out she's been alone all this time. Surely he wasn't the only one...
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There's a moment of extremely awkward silence then as Arthur felt his pulse race and all that blood go rushing straight to his head.

He sat and cared not if it was on the floor, the desk, or even on both which is exactly what happened as he slipped on the edge and then crashed into the candle stand right next to him. He flushed bright red as he reached out reflexively to keep the candles from falling and burning him out of house and home and, more importantly, the library.

"Ah, then..." He straightened up the candle sticks, wincing slightly as hot wax dripped on his fingers. Sticking them into his mouth, he bought time to get his thoughts under control and when he took them out, he shook them to release the sting, eyes averted from her with very good reason.

"If you want to stay here, then why don't you? I... don't think anyone would mind." Certainly not Arhtur, nope. Although explaining this to his father was going to be a huge gigantic pain. In the meanwhile, he knows a very nice girl he could introduce Rain too. She's pretty much perfect, really. Goes by the name of Guinevere of, which...

Well, let's just not get into that. Things were going to be complicated enough as it is.
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Difficulties, my dear?